Big Run Media

Digital marketing for active brands.



Interact with your brand champions.



Be a part of the conversation as it happens.



Get your brand's fans to take action.

 Big Run Media:

Big Run Media is a marketing agency with one simple mission: Connect active brands with their fans. Through strategic marketing, Big Run strengthens relationships, builds influence, and drives fans to take action. Big Run Media works with clients that support active lifestyles and have a positive impact on the community they serve.


Without one, you may be trying to be all-things to all-people. Don’t be white noise. Your brand has a personality and a story. Work with Big Run Media to develop your brand’s voice and build meaningful, lasting relationships with your fans. More >


You would not take on a marathon without a plan. Don’t leave your marketing strategy to chance. Let Big Run Media create an innovative, strategic plan to meet your overall marketing goals and separate you from competitors. More >


Big Run Media will develop rich content and custom creative design to reflect your brand. We’ll provide detailed reporting and measure ROI. More >

All of us are looking for a partner in the agency world that understands the industry, with mad skills in marketing, and creative prowess for standout campaigns. What is typically impossible to find is the partner with all of this, but who also “gets” your brand completely, and even helps to shape it and give it a voice. Big Run Media is that partner for us and has become a critical extension of our team. Love them, and you will too.

Amanda NapolitanoDirector, DONNA Marathon Weekend

Big Run media combines a level of technical knowledge, creative ability and knowledge of the running market that sets them apart from anyone I have encountered in more than ten years as a race director. They deliver their innovative solutions on time and think "outside the box" when it comes to making social media an effective tool for growing a running event. Because they're "one of us" they understand the needs of events and can work with very little management. I was comfortable turning our entire social media effort over to them and was never disappointed in what they produced.

John NoblinDirector, Mississippi Blues Marathon

Big Run Media's graphically impressive efforts have been a clear hit with our audience […] registration is up over 15%...

Steve LastoeFounder, NYCRUNS