Five Google Analytics You May Be Under-Utilizing

  1. Custom dashboards

These are your saving grace when it comes to motivating your team, re-structuring your strategy, and pulling kick-ass reports.


  1. Segments

You’re probably thinking, “Wait –are they telling me that I can segment my website data into preset groups, declutter my graphs, and still get the same useful information I need?” – YOU BET WE ARE.


  1. Comparison

Curious to see how your new marketing efforts are matching up against last years? CHECK IT OUT.


  1. Time of day & day of week

4a. Time of day & day of week – Utilize your traffic peaks! Mention premiums, sponsors, new events; anything that could benefit from lots of views during your peak times. For the low-traffic period, advertise coupons, deals, or other offers to increase traffic on slow days.

4b. Gender – Have a brand that markets to both genders, but having a conversion dip in one in particular? In the Audience > Demographics section of GA, decipher at what times, and what day, each gender is on your site and use that data to re-strategize your marketing!


  1. Custom conversion tracking

The more conversions you’re able to track from each platform, the more results you’ll be able to collect and prove your marketing genius. Let’s be real here, if you can show that the path-to-purchase originated from organic social posts, was re-visited due to paid re-targeting, and then officially converted because of email marketing –then you’ve just proved that the marketing strategy you developed is working.

We know this information can be daunting (and probably overwhelming), but you don’t have to go at it alone! With Big Run Media, we’ll handle all the social, analytical, and marketing tasks in order to boost your next race, event, or product. Interested? Contact us at

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