High-Traffic Review Site Believe in the Run Opens Up Sponsored Advertising Opportunities

BALTIMORE – Believe in the Run, one of the most-visited online running review sites with over a quarter million unique page views every month, has announced they will be accepting sponsored advertising on their site.

Their advertising structure presents a unique opportunity for companies and races to reach an audience with top interests in running and travel. It is especially beneficial for small to mid-size companies whose budget constraints may prohibit access to larger running outlets both online and in print.

“We spent the last 10 years building the website and growing an engaged audience out of our love of running. We are excited to provide more ways for runners to discover new products and services,” said Editor and Founder Thomas Neuberger.

Through Google Ads Manager integration, frequency and impression goals can be tailored and tracked to fit a client’s specific needs. Advertising placements on the site include page leaderboards, in-post advertising, and sidebar positions. Additionally, all advertising will feature responsive positioning to best reach both desktop and mobile audiences. 

With 60,000 unique monthly visitors, Believe in the Run’s site audience and YouTube audience skews male, providing races an outlet to directly market to a hard-to-reach segment for race participation. 

The creative team at Believe in the Run is also available for ad creation and design, services that prove invaluable to smaller companies or races without a creative department.

For more information on how your company or race can partner with Believe in the Run to drive customers and revenue, review their Media Kit here or contact them at info@bigrunmedia.com.

About Believe in the Run
Believe in the Run is a veteran running review site that has been delivering reviews on shoes, gear, and races for over 10 years. Known for their straightforward honesty, the site has established a core following that continues to grow. The team is led by co-founders Thomas Neuberger and Meaghan Murray, as well as senior editor Robbe Reddinger; combined they run an average of over 5,000 miles each year. Accompanying them are a host of regular contributors, all of whom grind out their miles in gear and report back to the public with their knowledge about what makes a product, bad, and worth your cash. To see why they’re one of the most trusted running review sites, visit: believeintherun.com

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