Holiday Marketing Starts With Retargeting

It does! In all respects, retargeting is the gift that keeps on giving. Maintain contact with your website visitors, stay constant throughout their holiday shopping journey, and you just might see your efforts result in a conversion or two.

It’s understandable that clothes, appliances, and toys boost in sales during the holiday season, but if our product doesn’t fall into those categories, how do we plan our marketing strategy to benefit our specific industry? Endurance sports for example; a field that’s chock-full of passionate individuals and respective companies striving to capture their attention. How do you market your product or event as a holiday gift –especially if your race has already passed?

Retargeting, people! Retargeting ads are the bread and butter of holiday marketing profits. For anyone who doesn’t know, retargeting ads are ads that are served to users who have already visited and/or interacted with your site. So essentially, you’re giving people who are already interested in your product (via social, previous ads, or otherwise) a little reminder that you and your product are still there, and maybe even 10% off. Sneaky, right? Alright, yes, sort of creepy and manipulative too, but hey –sometimes people need a reminder of how much they want or need something!

Sure, people will go into brick and mortar stores so they can experience the scenic misery that is holiday shopping, but according to Criteo, mobile traffic and mobile sales increase on the weekends. So what does that mean for you?


The benefits of retargeting are: staying present in your viewer’s mind, and hopefully resulting in a conversion, but it doesn’t always happen so seamlessly. Sometimes your retargeting ad appears on the browser of an over-analytical, research-it-for-3-years-before-actually-buying-it type of person. So rather than expect a conversion on the first impression, treat each impression as a means for possible future conversions.

Marketing is a long-game. You may win some over at the beginning, but the real reward comes from those conversions after multiple efforts. This route shows that your company is capable of capturing your user’s attention by using persuasive marketing strategies (and perhaps a tad invasive). Be it by social media, email campaigns or retargeting ads, the path of purchase is highly valuable and has more to offer than last-click attribution! In short, retargeting is a gift from the internet to you; a tool designed to help you make the most of your marketing strategy– so why not utilize it?

This holiday season, sugar-up your advertising efforts by incorporating retargeting ads– And hey, if you’d rather someone else take care of that for you, go ahead and pass that responsibility over to us.

Happy Holidays!

–From our team to yours

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