Instagram: Keep Your Content From Hitting The “Peak”

The “Peak”: the Instagram equivalent of a runner hitting the wall.¬†

Inspiration has fallen, your muse is M.I.A, and innovation ran off with its mistress. Now your posts seem to dawdle and wade between the classic #TBT and cult-worthy #Caturday ‘s; where did you go wrong?

Relax– it’s not you, it’s Instagram (…ok, and also you). The fads on this social platform that used to change monthly are now turning over as often as every week to every day. This kind of situation has evidently left you stuck on the edit page, deciding which filter to use when you should be focusing on how to get your mojo back —

Relive Your Feed

Review your feed with fresh eyes. Take yourself out of the industry, and away from perceived trends — go back to when you first started your Instagram account. Everything seems new, unique, and creative; run with it! Cater to the extremes of your market, push to hit that barrier of status-quo and break through it.

Be bold, subtle-bold.

You Have a Brand, Now Brand Your Style

Lots of companies and businesses have Instagram these days, and they’re there to promote a product or generate brand awareness; so how do you become a contender?

Value your brand. Take your content in-house and¬†incorporate some aspect of your purpose. Whether that means including an overlay of your company logo, subliminal messaging in the out-of-focus, or catering to one of the classic trends while applying your vendetta; content becomes new when your brand is doling it out at a higher value. Keep in mind– anything can seem high-value without necessarily being so, just like running shoes can seem new-age without actually presenting anything new. (Speaking of which, I wish there was a reliable source I could get shoe reviews from… *ahem*)

Refreshed Motivation: Knowing Your Target Audience

Easy. Look at what your motivations were before your recent enlightenment, and then take those motives and cater them to your audience– along with your new style.

Think of it this way: What’s the point of the post, and who should get the most out of it?

If the answer is “not sure,” and, “I dunno, people?”, chances are your post isn’t going to perform. Before you can expect your engagement to increase, you need to grow your audience target. Analyze all avenues and facets of your company, reassess the issue you solve, and the people that need that solution. Now, target them, their family, their friends, and boom –your audience has formed. You don’t need to stick to this audience at all times, but it’s best to keep them included if you want to maintain consistency of your brand’s voice.

We, at Big Run Media, practice these tips to separate our clients from the rest of the Instagram pool. Our purpose is to ensure that our client content is authentic to their brand, the sport, and the lifestyle. Big Run focuses on B2C, B2B interactions, and our engagement holds true to our clients’ brand and voice. They get to spend more time on business progression and expansion, while we PR their marketing goals.