Proven Tactics to Build Your Instagram Community

Author: Beverley Egar

Instagram has more users who are following more accounts than ever before. As a result content is ubiquitous so it’s difficult to get your posts to the fore front.

In addition, Instagram recently added an algorithm which controls what users observe and the content is no longer presented chronologically. Ultimately, Instagram now provides information based on the users’ previous likes.

So here are some tips on how to ensure your posts are in the feeds of your target market.

Use more hashtags

They help users find your brand and in turn engage with your account. Simple hashtags are the most popular e.g. #run #happy

Find the hashtags your audience is currently following. A popular hashtag such as #marathon will boost the number of users viewing your post, but a niche hashtag such as #marathontraining, will reach a group more likely to interact with your posts.

Use a CTA (call to action)

The caption is just as important as the image, as the new algorithm requires more engagement. More comments lead to posts performing better, and the Instagram account will increase its number of followers.

Ask a question, tell them to leave comments & entice your follower to read all the comments below the image.

Use “Click the link in our profile to see ____.” Getting users to your website opens a whole other means of controlling what they see and do.

Make the best of user generated content

Find hashtags related to your brand and market. Find Instagrammers who consistently post content related to your business, and then ask if you can feature their photos on your account. This continues to build your network and a community of followers.

Use video content

Boomerang is a great app for this, keep videos short (about 30 seconds), and don’t forget those strategic hashtags.

Engage with your followers

Like and comment on their photos and do it consistently. Engagement with users is the key to success with the new algorithm. Strike up a conversation!

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