Quick Tip to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Business Page

Struggling to grow your Facebook audience? Here’s a quick way gain followers, without having to pay for them (or at least without having to pay for them twice).

Whenever you update your business Facebook page with a new post, picture, video, etc., you’re (hopefully) generating likes, comments and shares. If you’re working with a company like Big Run Media, you’re definitely getting that engagement. 😉

Anyway, once you get post Likes, you can now convert them to Page likes. Simply go to the last post on your timeline, hover over the number of Likes and click. A screen will pop-up allowing you to invite anyone who hasn’t already liked your page! Check out the screen shot below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.41.44 AM

Now you’ve increased your audience for future posts, for free! We recommend going back through old posts and doing this for all of your high-performing posts (or Ads) over the years… because why not? Then do this every couple of days moving forward.

Don’t have the time to do this yourself, or don’t understand what in the #%$& we’re talking about? The team here at Big Run Media can help! Schedule a call with us to see if it’s a fit: info@bigrunmedia.com 

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