Strava Group Events

This morning I finished my run and had to update my Strava (of course). In my feed, I spotted a notification “Feature Upgrade! You can now create club events, RSVP and see event details on your phone.” This is huge! We often set up running groups for our clients on Strava. First, it is free, so why not. Secondly, any time you can have your brand reach out to your fans is an opportunity to reinforce the relationship.

Up until now, groups were just another way to segment runners, see how you stack up against other athletes, etc. With the events, I immediately saw the benefits of getting more interaction in our Strava managed groups. More importantly for Race Directors, you can post your races and everyone in your group will get an invitation to join the event!  The process is super easy to set up too.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to your group on your mobile phone
  2. Scroll down to Setup a run
  3. Fill out the form that includes the following options
    • Event type
    • Repeats
    • Location (Google maps)
    • Route (optional)
    • Level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
    • Club members only (on/off)
    • Women Only (on/off)
    • You’re going (on/off)
    • Add an event description


Strava Events


That’s it. Everyone in your group will now get an email asking them to RSVP. My hope is that in the near future, Strava will let you register for events right from your phone. Think about it. All your data is already there, no need to fill out tedious forms over and over. Forget about multiple passwords for all the different registration companies. They could even integrate the signup with your phones wallet.

Need help with getting more athletes to your events? Contact us to see how we can use our expertise to help.

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