What is Periscope and how to use it.

So you are probably starting to hear about Twitter’s latest app Periscope. We have been playing with it for over a month now and think it is quite revolutionary. We also tried out Meerkat as well but found Periscope to be our pick for a live streaming application.

What is Periscope?

In short Periscope is an application that allows you to broadcast live from your smart phone. This gives you the ability to share what you are seeing live to your audience. Essentially this turns everyone with a smartphone into a mini-network.”Put simply, just as blogs made it possible for every person to be a newspaper reporter, Periscope makes everyone a television network.” – Fox Sports. Periscope talks about seeing the world through others eyes. There is something more exciting about seeing the moment as it unfolds especially when it comes to sporting events.

How do people see your Periscope broadcasts and how do you find streams to follow?

Periscope is linked to your Twitter account so you can go through the list of people you follow and choose to follow them on Periscope as well. There is a search feature that you can use for people and brands that you do not follow on Twitter as well. Additionally, Periscope has a “Global” feed that streams the most popular live broadcasts.

How are people using Periscope? 

VH1 is using Periscope to expand the coverage of their reality show Love & Hip Hop. You can see more off-screen drama by tuning into their live Periscope feed. Tom Chirico, VH1’s vice president of digital and social engagement feels the application can change the way we interact with brands. For more details read his interview with Multichannel.com

Clay Travis wrote an article for Fox Sports calling Periscope a sea change for the broadcasting industry. “Periscope Is a Game Changer” is the title of the post. Think of all the sports that have niche audiences that don’t merit primetime coverage or even coverage on one of the sub sport cable channels. Marathons, CrossFit competitions, Ultimate Frisbee, Rugby, and the list goes on. Flotrack has done an amazing job covering the world of Track & Field with video, I will bet wads of cash that they will be a power channel for the sport with Periscope.

Video is having a huge impact on the way news stories are unfolding. From capturing accidents to civil liberty issues video has changed the world forever. No longer are we left to hear the story from limited sources. Now with Periscope live video, There will not only be more coverage locally, but globally. Wars will no longer be fought across the world in silence, they will be available for anyone to experience in first person. Medium is compiling noteworthy world events captured by Periscope users.

Why do races and brands need to jump on the Periscope bandwagon? 

What better way to capture the flavor of your event than by broadcasting it live. Periscope will help you build up FOMA (fear of missing out) for next year’s event.

Here are a few ideas for races:

  • Periscope the swag unveiling
  • Interview runners and volunteers
  • Periscope the race start
  • Periscope mid-race
  • Periscope the finish
  • Periscope the after party

Ideas for brands

  • Periscope unboxing product
  • Periscope model shoots
  • Periscope teams behind the product
  • Periscope events

For more ideas and complete social media marketing plans for active brands contact Big Run Media. We help our clients build programs that build community, identify influencers, and drive action.

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